Harry White Wilmer Post 82

Many thanks and much appreciation to all of those who spent their New Years Eve with us!  We had a fantastic turnout and a great time was had by all, workers and players alike.  It was wonderful to see familiar faces and many new faces as well, hopefully this will bring some folks back for our weekly bingo in the new year. 

We especially appreciate all of those responsible for putting on this fantastic event.  It takes alot of effort and behind the scenes planning and preparation in addition to the folks you see doing things at the events to make things run smoothly and profitably.  We could use your help.  Any help would be very much appreciated.  It doesn't take hours and hours of arduous labor and there are no unneeded talents.   We should all be very proud of our American Legion Post 82 and remember that it takes all of us to make a successful Auxiliary.  We try very hard to support our veterans who are so deserving and our community as well.  In these very trying ecomonic times it is even more important that we do what we can for those who cannot.  Not to mention we have a great time and enjoy our time together - every auxiliary member is welcome to lend a hand, join the fun and share in the knowledge that we are in some small way making a difference,